Counter-Servers LLc, Terms of Service (TOS)

  1. Server upkeep. Customers are responsible for the upkeep of their servers. If your server is down, please notify us as soon as possible. We may be reached via email at We monitor our networks and systems that host our game servers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but since we do not monitor game servers on an individual basis, the customer must notify us if their server is experiencing problems or if the server is down. We want to help limit the amount of downtime experienced due to server crashes, etc. We only monitor our computer systems to ensure all systems running game servers stay up 24 hours a day 365 days a year. All game servers are to remain compliant with our Terms of Service at all times.
  2. Payments Due. All payments are due before service is rendered. Service payments are expected on or before the next bill date. Requests to discontinue service must be entered no later then 3 days before the next payment due date in order to avoid additional service charges.
  3. Password protected service. Server passwords may not be advertised to the general public, but may be posted in order to notify clan members of the proper password. If there are violations in any of the above rules the server will be taken offline until the server password has been changed.
  4. Server Inspections. We reserve the right to inspect any game server to ensure they are not exceeding the current max player limit allowed for that customer’s account. Violations could result in termination of service.
  5. Bots. Bots use up extra server resources when the server is not in use. We limit the amount of bots to 6. If the server is private, you must turn bots off when no one is in the server. If bots are found running on an empty private server, you could be found in Violation of our Term of Service (TOS).
  6. FTP/ access. FTP access is not to be used to run a file site or for file storing. All users of our service are responsible for their files and content of their servers. Game Server installs come as a basic setup. Any time you make changes to your files, please test those changes on your local computer system first. Please change your files with care. We are not responsible for the files in your game server directories after your game server account is activated.
  7. Payments, continued. All payments are to be made on a subscription basis via PayPal at If you have any billing questions, please contact us at PayPal accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Counter-Servers LLc, also accepts payments through the mail – Money orders and Personal Checks. Please note sending payment through the mail may cause delays in setup of the server.
  8. Service Changes. You may change, upgrade or downgrade your service at anytime. Additional fees may apply for service upgrades if you are upgrading service in the middle of your current billing cycle.
  9. New customers. If for whatever reason you do not wish to keep service with us, you can request a cancellation of service within your first 5 days of service. Since we do not charge a set-up fee for our service there will be a charge of $20.00 deducted from your refund to cover our set-up and staff costs. If cancellation of service is requested after 5 days of service, no refunds will be issued.
  10. Existing customers. You may cancel your service at any time. In order to cancel service you must notify us no later than 7 days before your next billing period. No refunds will be issued for cancellations requested after payment has been made. Your service will continue until your current billing period ends.
  11. Refunds. You are eligible for a refund if we do not maintain 95% hardware or network uptime based on a 30-day period over the system your service is hosted on or we are unable to correct or fix service related issues that are a result of no fault of your own. You are then eligible for a prorated refund. While your ping times will be more then enjoyable on our service we will not issue refunds that are due to ping issues with you or your server members. Since there are so many ways to travel on the Internet it would be impossible for anyone to guarantee Internet ping times. We do our best to host your game server on the best bandwidth quality as possible. All refunds are based on a prorated remainder of your service time.
  12. Server Maintenance. We will patch your server as needed by the game designers at no extra charge. Game servers are set up with the base install according to the game type ordered. The price you pay when signing for service will remain in effect for the length of your service.
  13. Mod/map installations. Counter-Servers LLc reserves the right to reject requests, uninstall or remove any server patch, Map or modification that may cause downtime or reduced system performance which could affect overall quality of service for other customers.
  14. Failure to comply. Failure to comply with all current and future Terms of Service can result in termination of your account and/or service interruption. We will immediately shut down a server if we find your server is in violation of our Terms of Service. The server will remain shut down until the account holder insures us his/her game server does comply with our Terms of Service. If a user has excessive violations then his account can be terminated with no refunds.

If you have questions about our Terms of Service, please email us at

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